Healthcare Careers Are Booming

Exciting opportunities begin here.

UMA provides an institutional grant for 20 percent of the tuition charged to students who are alumni of one of UMA’s K-12 Education Partner schools, programs or organizations, and who are currently enrolled in one of the following UMA associate degree programs: Health Information Technology, Health Sciences – Health Technology & Systems or Health Sciences – Pharmacy Technician. Prospective students are encouraged to apply to programs of interest at UMA. If students receiving this grant remain in good standing, they will continue to receive the UMA institutional grant until they complete their degree program.

It’s about How you learn.

Ultimate Medical Academy understands people learn in different ways. That’s why we offer numerous resources to make understanding coursework easier for a wide range of learning styles.

It’s about What you get in return.

An associate degree can help you get on the right career path and possibly position you for greater employment opportunities, higher annual pay and future advancement. Graduating faster than those in a traditional two-year associate degree program and the time spent earning your associate degree can pay off.1 On average, associate degree graduates can earn $400,000 more over their career than if they just finished high school.2